Explore the opportunities that await you as you embark on your nursing career journey at Mount Nittany Medical Center. In addition to the invaluable learning experiences during your clinicals, envision a future where your passion for nursing thrives. And there’s no better place to start your nursing career than here.


Mark your calendar for our upcoming exclusive hiring event tailored just for you. Hiring managers will be on-site conducting interviews and you might even receive an on-the-spot job offer!

New Graduate Registered Nurse Hiring Event

Mount Nittany Medical Center
1800 E Park Avenue
State College, PA 16803

Thursday, April 4
10 am – 7 pm 


Our Nurse Residency Program is meticulously designed to nurture your growth as a safe, competent, and confident nurse.  Placed within a cohort of like-minded individuals, your journey will involve engaging residency sessions comprising open discussions, reflective exercises, didactic content, and practical simulations.  Immerse yourself in guest speaker sessions, delve into real-world case studies, and periodically assess your confidence and knowledge through surveys to identify areas of strength and opportunities for additional support.

Here’s what you can expect.
As a nurse resident, you will be an integral part of a dynamic team, actively shaping your professional journey through our innovative Nurse Residency Program.  

  • Collaborative Scheduling. Work closely with your team to create a schedule seamlessly integrated with nurse residency sessions, ensuring a harmonious balance between your clinical responsibilities and educational opportunities.
  • Engaging Learning Experiences. Participate in vibrant group discussions and hands-on skills sessions that foster a collaborative learning environment.  These sessions will enhance your practical skills and provide a platform for open dialogue and shared insights.
  • Supportive Community. Extend support to your fellow Nurse Residents and embrace a culture of mutual growth.  Actively seek feedback from peers and mentors, creating a network that promotes continuous learning and professional development.
  • Timely Task Completion. Stay on track by completing assignments punctually, maximizing the benefits of a structured curriculum.  This commitment to deadlines ensures a smooth progression through the program and reinforces a sense of accountability.
  • Empowerment for Change. Feel empowered to instigate positive and meaningful changes within your practice.  Our program encourages you to think critically, fostering a mindset that actively contributes to the evolution of nursing care.

Choose your area of interest, including:

  • Med/Surg
  • Med/Telemetry
  • Emergency
  • Critical Care
  • Women's & Children's
  • Behavioral Health
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